About Jeffrey Keithley


I’m a PhD Student in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, advised by Dr. Sriram Pemmaraju and Dr. Bijaya Adhikari in the Computational Epidemiology research group. Over the last 3 years, I have performed research in highly multi-disciplinary settings over multiple project scales, from 3 collaborators to nearly 40. I have prior research experience studying the spread of cholera, data analysis for COVID-19, and mosquito-borne disease incidence under climate change. My primary research interest is the development of vaccine allocation approximation algorithms over network disease models. This has provided me with experience using population and mobility data in the development of network disease models and vaccination algorithms. I am motivated to continue working with different disciplines to bring findings from various fields together to better solve problems in my own domain. I am also interested in learning more about how technical results make it into actual policy and using that knowledge to help develop better outbreak response strategies.